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Lots of people are uncertain when it comes to different levels of accreditation that exist for electricians. Simply put, Level 2 services providers can carry out maintenance, repairs and installation between a home or business, and the electrical supply network.
As part of the NSW government’s regulation and safety requirements, only Accredited Service Providers who are part of the ASP scheme can perform these services. Examples of when you need to engage a Level 2 ASP include connecting electrical meters, working on power lines, or attending to power failures after storm damage.
Whether it’s overhead or underground, from power lines to meter boxes, our highly skilled team are available throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley region.

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ASP Level 2 Electrician

Energy Connect is a highly skilled team of ASP Level 2 Certified Electricians. We provide Level 2 (mains power) electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and the greater Hunter Valley region.

An ASP Level 2 electrician is often required to attend to electrical defect notices issued to homeowners for electrical work that has been seen to be unsafe or incorrectly installed. In New South Wales, only a level 2 ASP electrical contractor under the ASP scheme is qualified to carry out technical work such as the disconnection or connection of electrical service lines, upgrading the power supply and working on overhead electrical lines or underground cable lines if the defect notices indicate it. However, this is not limited, as certain parts of electrical defects can be carried out by an electrician, which depends solely on the nature of the works and the defect notice.

If repairs, maintenance or installation works are required between a property and the electrical supply network, a Level 2 Electrician must be used. Jobs like disconnecting or reconnecting the electrical supply, upgrading the supply of power, installing and connecting meters, and overhead or underground service line work.

Yes, a licenced general electrician can work within a switchboard to a point. They are allowed to work from one side of the Main Switch. A general electrician’s points are the Main Switch, not the Service Fuse. A licenced general electrician can touch everything except the electrical meter and the sections that have been tagged off by a Level 2 ASP or Service Authority.

In an emergency, you can call Ausgrid, but there may be a delay in service due to high volumes of emergency calls. A Level 2 ASP can be called and is authorised to conduct emergency works.

A defect notice is usually issued by the service authority (Ausgrid) due to an electrical installation being unsafe. You can contact a Level 2 ASP Electrician to inspect and repair the defect.

Yes, if they deem the installation to unsafe. An ASP Level 2 Electrician can carry out repairs, however, if repairs cannot be done, a defect notice is left and the service authority (Ausgrid) is notified.

Overhead service cables are suspended by poles and can carry energy over a pretty significant distance. They’re likely what you’ll see overhead of suburban homes, from the street or private power poles. They’re useful because they can be either single or three-phase, depending on the property’s needs.

Underground cables carry mains power from the street network to the property’s meter box and are mandatory for new subdivisions, suburbs, and some CBDs. Undergrounds offer the benefit of being out of sight, and being underground mean that there’s less likely damage during storms or risk to wildlife.

Power of Choice is a series of reforms introduced in 2017 to enable competition in metering services. Power of Choice gives consumers the capacity to manage their electricity services and usage in a way that suits them best.

Smart meters allow consumers to better manage their energy usage through interfaces like a website or an app. Each retailer will have different platforms and will offer different services, so it is best to speak to your service provider if you want a smart meter – they aren’t mandatory!

A Level 2 ASP Electrician should be notified as soon as possible and will inspect and repair as needed.

Yes! For solar, you will need to engage a Level 2 provider to upgrade to a bi-direction meter to feed in and outgoing power consumption, to capture accurate information for billing.

A midspan connection is a connection to the network on a bundled pair cable between two network poles.

Areas of Expertise

Energy Connect ASP Level 2 Certified Electricians complete a range of services to residential and commercial clients, including:

Overhead Power

Overhead service cables are very common, with 93% of Aussie suburbs using them over underground. Energy Connect can repair overhead cables damaged by the sun, trees and branches, as well as damaged wires or bare copper, low hanging cables, damaged connection boxes and damaged riser brackets.

Underground Power

Looking to move from overhead to underground for a better view? Perhaps you’re worried about the risk overheads pose to wildlife or bushfire safety? Energy Connect is experienced in installing underground cables, which can offer a safer option for businesses and residential properties alike.

Solar Meters

If you’re moving to solar, it’s likely you’ll need to upgrade your electricity meter as part of the installation to get the most accurate information for billing. Energy Connect can provide the installation of bi-direction meters to accurately monitor power consumption.

Storm Damage Repairs

If your private pole has been damaged in bad weather, or if your connection to mains has been compromised by storm damage, Energy Connect is available around the clock to ensure you’re back online as soon as possible.

Equipment Upgrades

Whether it’s a private pole installation or upgrading your home to cope with the increased number of devices on your electrical network, including off-peak and controlled load devices, Energy Connect can perform residential or commercial to mains electrical equipment work.

Ausgrid Defects

If you’ve received a defect notice from your electricity supplier, the notice will include details of the defect. It might cover defective or missing equipment, a dangerous or outdated switchboard, or point of attachment issues. The property owner has responsibility for an electrical defect notice, so it’s critical you use an accredited Level 2 provider when installing or maintaining a connection to mains power.